• Mission

    The Marion-Grant County Humane Society is a nonprofit organization on a mission to save more lives. We are always searching for new ways to do fundraisers and to get more of our "kids" to safe and loving homes or rescue groups. We need your help in controlling the pet overpopulation, in turn our overcrowding issue, and can only be done with responsible pet ownership. This entails keeping your animals at your home and getting them spayed or neutered.

  • Supplies Needed

    It seems like the struggles of the Humane Society will never end and we know there are a lot of friends out there that promises when they win the lottery they will take care of all the animals but until then we have to once again ask for help on a smaller scale. The Humane Society’s operating cost is over $9,000 each month with mortgage, utilities, payroll, veterinarian care ($4,000 owed) and insurance. 
    The Society holds fundraisers, has opened the Rescue Resale Shop at 2225 Westwood Sq. In Marion, collect Pennies for Puppies and other collection sources and will try other resourceful ideas to generate the operating money.

    There are items that are necessary for cleaning and the wellbeing of the dogs and cats that are not included in their operating budget and are desperately needed: The Humane Society needs help from our friends for:

    • Bleach
    • Dish soap
    • Laundry soap
    • Paper towels
    • 39 gallon trash bags
    • Gently used blankets
    • Clay cat litter (non-clump able)
  • About Marion-Grant Count Humane Society

     The Marion Grant County Humane Society is guided by an all-volunteer Board of Directors, with eight full or part time employees and a small group of foster care homes.

     The shelter’s operating revenue and provisions derives from contributions from kind individuals, fundraising events and the Rescue Resale Shop which is a thrift store where donated items are resold.

     The Humane Society is over capacity, underfunded and has much determination to make a difference in the lives of the displaced, abandoned, injured and sick animals.

    Our goal is not only to rescue those in need but to educate people on the importance of spaying and neutering and proper care.  Our biggest challenge has been to change a person’s fundamental attitude that animals are of value and are deserving of a humane existences.



    What a great way to help by being part of making Grant County a no kill community by spaying and neutering.

    Transport will leave from the Marion Grant County Humane Society Shelter at 505 S Miller Ave Marion 7:30 AM the third Monday of each monthand animals will return approximately 6 PM same day.

    A $7 per animal transport fee additional charge and a rabies vaccination is required by state law which can be administered during spay neuter appointment. See price list below.

    You will need to contact the Low Cost Clinic direct to schedule your appointment 317-675-0072.

    Spaying and neutering is the solution to unwanted animals, the solution to healthier animals and a solution to your peace of mind.