There is something new and exciting happening and it is the Marion Grant County Humane Society Pet & Adoption Center which is an extension of the Humane Society Shelter.  The Pet & Adoption Center will be a special place for small and medium size dogs, kittens and cats, seniors, special needs, puppies and those that do not adapt well at the main facility. 


The Pet & Adoption Center will be an opportunity to promote spaying and neutering, offer educational material, display photos and descriptions of all the animals at the shelter, assist with the adoption process, welcome friends to interact and socialize with the animals.


The Pet & Adoption Center is located at 1374 N Baldwin Marion, IN behind Picture Perfect Pet Center with open hours 10 AM to 6 PM. We are in the process of positioning the pens and constructing the cat and kitten areas so please watch for the Grand Opening!

We believe the Pet & Adoption Center is a crucial undertaking in spite of an already tight operating budget because if one life can be saved and people can be educated on the importance of spaying and neutering and Grant County becomes a “No Kill Community” our mission is accomplished.